• Customs clearance
  • Storage
  • International Transport
  • National Transportation

Customs clearance

We have partners experienced agents to help the authorization of the board, total load tracking, customs clearance to delivery of merchandise.


Knowing that the storage is a major component of the supply chain,the F C Trading offers, through its partners bonded warehouses and stores of general cargo, with better prices for our customers. Our partners are strategically located near the Port of Suape, Recife EADI and the airport.

International Transport

We partner with all Shipowners, Agents and Airlines Cargo Consolidators for make the most cost beneficial for the international transport of goods to their point of destination of goods Bonded Importer / Exported.

National Transportation

Our network of partners has fleet of new trucks, tracked and all capacities, to meet the needs of our customers, delivering the goods with speed and security.

The F C Trading

With the growing role of Brazil in international trade, our companies began to see opportunities for internationalization, through the development of new businesses and attracting new partners and foreign suppliers.

Premium service

  • Import by the other
  • Import by order
  • Procurement
  • Storage


Governador Agamenon Magalhães Street, 2615.

Empresarial Burle Marx, Sala 1203

Bairro do Espinheiro, Recife - PE

CEP: 50.050-290

Phone/Fax: 55 81 3025 3377

Email: contato@fctrading.com.br