• Import by the other

    In the import by the other, is form of outsourcing in foreign trade, the F C TRADING is the importer, we promote the import in your name , and the client is the ACQUIRER of the importer goods, using their own resources to promote customs clearance. The objective is to reduce the cost, through a directed logistics for each client and using the tax benefits that have only one trading.

    Import by order

    The import by oder is also a form of outsourcing in foreign trade. In this type of operation, the client, called ORDERING, interested in specific goods, hires F C Trading as importer for this with their own resources, carry out the importation of merchandise. Under an agreement previously signed, F C Trading resells the goods to your company.

    Customs clearance

    The FC Trading account with customs clearance, which is more a feature to speed the nationalization of the goods. We also have partner companies in this area, if the client's preference.

  • Procurement

    In this service, we manage the entire cycle between the company and suppliers and products to buy. Through our representatives around the world, we seek the best foreign supplier, we present the best options, negotiate and acquire the goods on behalf of the client and perform any operation until the delivery of the product.

    International insurance

    The F C TRADING offers more security - insurance contract - a lower cost benefit of the market to ensure any adversity that may occur with the merchandise, since the departure of origin to delivery at the premises of final destination.

    Services in partnership

    Customs clearance


    National transport

    International transport

    Social and Environmental Responsibility.

The F C Trading

With the growing role of Brazil in international trade, our companies began to see opportunities for internationalization, through the development of new businesses and attracting new partners and foreign suppliers.

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  • Import by the other
  • Import by order
  • Procurement
  • Storage


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